Romantic Minnesota Winter

hmonggy-winter-girl-2015-squareAn illustration of a Hmonggy Girl wearing winter clothing. Agh. . . . she’s so pretty. Don’t you just like how cozy she looks right now?! I do.
She expresses my feelings right now of the winter.  Even though it’s so cold and brutal here in “Tiny-Sota” it’s so pretty and romantic as well. *sigh*
Yes. . .I said romantic. In the winter time couples in Minnesota can go walking, running, skating, or even shopping at malls and farmer’s market hand-in-hand and enjoy the weather.
Aigoo! So cute! Hahaha! See. . .it’s giving me the butterflies just telling it to you guys. hehehehe. ^-^
What’s even cuter and more beautiful about Minnesota winter time too is the winter fashion that goes around here.  Everyone has their own winter coat, hat/ear-muffs, shoes/boots, and gloves/mittens.
To top their winter outerwear’s off they even style their hair as well.  Similar to what you see above. ^^

How has the weather been treating you from you are?

The Butterflies

hmonggycouple-background-square2015 Valentine’s Day is nearing and somehow I have the butterfly feelings in my tummy right now! Acck! It’s not like I have a boyfriend either to be having those feelings. . . . . .hmmm. . . . .nah!
I am just excited to be writing to you guys right now!
I feel like I need to tell you guys something. . . .promise to keep a secret? hehehehehe. ^^
I know why I keep having these butterfly feelings now.  Most of the time when I have the butterflies, it’s always because my subconscious mind is thinking of “him!” LOL!
Yes. . . .you’ve guessed it! My crush!! Accck! It’s crazy because I’m like 22 years old and I have a crush that I am not able to talk to casually! BLEH! What do I do?! It’s been FOREVER since I’ve had a crush on this guy. hahaha. . . . I think I need help.
I tell myself I’m going to “MAN UP” and talk to him, even though he might not like me and just totally ignore or dislike me even more, but I end up LOSING all the words when I just think of him.  Urgh! WHAT THE HECK!
This “one sided love” I have is driving me nuts.  It’s funny.  Really funny to me actually. I laugh to myself most of the time for being so silly about this topic.
The thought of love with that special someone just seems so heart warming.  I go to the market or walking and I see those lovers walking together or spending those quality partner times together on the Facebook Newsfeed and it just gets me all giggling and blushing to myself.  I’m serious too!
At those times, I even catch myself saying “If I just have that special someone with me, we would go traveling around the world together and have the sweetest and most memorable times together.” *sigh*
And you know what, it’s the earnest truth too! ^^  Even if that special someone decides to break up with me after all those special moments together, it’s OK, because I’ll have those sweetest and warmest moments deep down in my heart.
Sadly, I think this only happens in dreams right? I feel like I am a hopeless romantic that can only have that person in my dreams.  Don’t get me wrong! He’s not married or taken. . . . at least I don’t think he is.  But, I’m pretty sure he’s not married or taken.  *wink*  HAHA! He’s just too “perfect”. . . . you know what I mean?!
HAHAHAHAHA! Alright, enough of this “love” and “crush” thing.  It’s turning my warm butterflies into goosebumps. LOL! ^^
I think I’m better off staying single and just looking at him from afar.  Let my silliness stay with me until then. :D

What do you think? 
How far can love go for that special someone?

MerShark Hmonggy


wpid-img_20141229_132727.jpgI took forever to finish this little cutie! There were so many new things that I had to get done before the year ended but I finally was able to finish her up because she was just as important as all her other brothers and sisters. ^^
By far, I love her so so much!  Because some people see sharks as vicious meat eating sea creatures with hundred of rows of teeth and seen as dangerous, That is why I like them so much!  I mean of course they can be dangerous and vicious and can rip me up into pieces if they got their jaws on me. I wouldn’t want to get bitten by one of them.  It would definitely hurt for sure! But, I’m pretty sure if I stay far away from them and don’t do anything to attract them, I will not get bitten or eaten by those beautiful sea creatures.
What I mean is even though some things may look scary, vicious, or dangerous on the outside BUT they might and can just be the most gentle, loving, and beautiful creature that has ever existed if not disturbed, poked, or taunted.  A one of a kind beauty.

What about you?
What do you think about sharks?

Oh-So-Cute Hmonggy Mermaid

I am a big fan of mermaids and I wish most of the time that I can be a mermaid. No, I can’t swim, so putting on a mermaid suit will not work for me until I take swimming lessons. Hahaha! So, to be able to satisfy that wanting of being a mermaid, I hand created an Oh-So-Cute Hmonggy mermaid! Instead of putting all these mermaids swimming around in my head onto paper only, I created them to be able to physically hold onto and see so I can sit at my station and stare at them all day while they stare back at me.
In order to get some things to come alive, they have to be created so they can be held and believed more into than before. Creating them was the solution to my satisfaction.  Now I have lots and lots of sea friends sitting at my station staring at me and giving me more and more inspiration in what to create so others can see and feel that I see and feel in the world I live in.
I just love love love them so much now too! ACKKkkk!
What animal/creature do you like and wish to be most of the time?

Don’t Give Up. . . . Just Keep Trying

wpid-1419191562449.jpgSo. . . . . if you haven’t already seen my Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter account, I have just recently created the new Oh-So-Cute Hmonggies after so so so so many trial and errors! They are super duper adorable!!! I just love love love the new them so so much! ACKkkkk!
Don’t worry though, I still LOVE my earlier Hmonggies!!
These freaking cuties took a long, long, long,  and hard time to come up with and create but in the end,  it was totally worth it!
So, for creating and making the newer versions of my Hmonggies, I always like to find a new way to wpid-1419191668392.jpgmake them even more adorbs instead of just using a plain chains for the key/bag chains.
I actually went out to all the craft stores and looked for the things that could possibly make my cuties stand out more!  ^^
So, I placed two of my cuties into a sandwich size bag to keep them safe and we went on a journey to all the craft stores in the area. We drove, brainstormed, and searched for the inspiration to spark. Then, DING! We picked up some pretty ON-SALE beads and wires and paid for them and drove back home.
Once I got back home, I took them out of their “safe” bag and set them on the desk where all the magic has always began. Ok! So, I start wpid-1419191697499.jpgputting everything together and tried all kinds of combinations and I just wasn’t happy with it at all!
I was getting pretty upset BUT that didn’t stop me!
I tried and tried just like when I was trying to find a way to create my little Hmonggies and WAH-LAH, I was able to pair my little cutie Hmonggies on something to compliment their CUTENESS, KAWAIINESS, and ADORABLENESS! *Is that even a word?*
And yes, there you have it, a different but original version of my Oh-So-Cute Hmonggies!
wpid-1419191775205.jpgWhat do you think? Do you like them as much I do too?!
Tell me by leaving your opinion down in the comment section! <3

Happy Hmong New Year!

background-short-hair-hmonggy-HmongArtHappy Hmong New Year everyone!!!
There’s so many Hmong New Years happening left and right and I wish I could attend every single one of them sometimes!
It’s such a sight to see everyone in their new Hmong clothes, ball tossing, and seeing everyone so happy and bright!
I haven’t gone to the Minnesota New Year yet this year and I have to go soon before it ends on Sunday night!

Seeing everyone bust out in their most fabulous outfit and showcasing the trends of the year.

JUST SUPERB!! No words can describe what I feel right now. *eeeek!*
It just makes my heart flutter crazily whenever I think of it.
The BEST-EST thing I love about Hmong New Years is ball tosting!
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE ball tossing!
It’s a must do” because it’s the time to get to know GUYS!!
It’s the highlight of every Hmong New Year!!!
I think of it as a time that the BRAVEST Hmong boys and girls coming out to find and talk to new friends!
I still remember those ball tossing times like it was yesterday!
My heart would be pounding and my lips would be twitching because I’ve been smiling and laughing too much from all the excitement, etc.
Then every 10-15 minutes, a swarm of different guys would be huddling around my sisters and I waiting to ball toss.
But, that’s why it was so darn fun!!
Hahahahaha, and then I go into this brain fart phase when they ask for my number too many times and I forget what my own phone number is.
When ball tossing it doesn’t necessarily mean he/she wants to date you, it might just mean they want to start a friendship thing. You know what I mean.
Boy o boy, it’s the most exciting time of the year for all the single ladies and gentlemen!
Do you ball toss too when you’re at the Hmong New Years?
Do you get as excited as I did? LOL!
Do you enjoy it?!

Those Traveling Times

travel-girl-background-2014Traveling is a great family thing to do! It doesn’t matter if it’s near or far,
it’s always exciting to go on those long car rides or plane rides and bug the crap out of the sibling you’re sitting next to. Hahaha!
It’s just that “thing” when you’re with your family, it is almost always 110% more FUN and EXCITING!
You can sing in that crowded mini van or tell a story of what happened at school,work, etc.
Laughing at the one who is sleeping with their mouth wide enough to catch a fly when the window rows down. LOL!
It’s those little things that make the traveling trip so much more memorable that always lingers behind the back of your mind when you visit that one place again.
One of the things that I have always done whenever traveling anywhere is doing “documentaries.”
My family and friends sometimes get creeped out sometimes because I talk to the camera too much sometimes!!
Most of them go “What the heck” or “Ok, stop with your documentary.
And you know what I do, I record even more to just bug the crap out of them!
Then the next thing you know, they’re “documenting” themselves too!!!
I’m telling you, it’s contagious.
Anyways, where are you planning to travel to this winter?
Are you going with your family,someone or just yourself?
What do you do to remember those memories?
Comment below and let us hear your story! ^^