HmongArt’s Handmade Cute Kawaii Little Hmonggy Girls

Good things take time to be made that is for sure! *sigh*
Today was such a rainy, dark, and dreary day in Minnesota!  bleh!
BUT, with the cool yet HARSH wind blowing everything around and through my window, it wasn’t bad because I enjoy cool and cold weathers. . . sometimes.
So, because I was stuck inside the house all day, I got my hands down and dirty making some more little Hmonggy girls! *applause*


These cuties can be found in our Etsy shop! ♡♥♡♥


A Whimsical Walk With Alice

Finally, today was a break through from all the dark and gloomy weather of the bi-polar Minnesota weather!So, to top off the beautiful sunny day, we went walking again at one of our FAVORITE park William O’Brien State Park! *yay*

Because the usual trail we usually walk on was FLOODED from the excessively high rising water of the St. Croix River, we walked along the trail of Lake Alice.
As we kept going further on Alice’s trail, we saw the most beautiful things she had around her.

It felt so magical and romantic! *heart fluttering*

This place is like any other typical wet marsh-ish place, but where it was at was so absolutely breath-taking. Especially how the lights broke through the branches and its beams were beaming down into this area like it was a sacred place where fairy nymphs or neon butterflies can appear at anytime.
It was truly truly a magical experience for the day. Then as we kept going along with Alice, we saw other things that mother nature had to keep Alice company.


Lichens are beautiful! They look like dried foliage that can be used for scrap-booking!





Love love love MOSS!



Gosh!!! These Bloodroots are so simple yet so pretty.


How our shoes looked after coming out of Alice’s realm of magic. LOL!


Totoro will be furious! (>.<)

As we look up at the deep blue sky above us, we spot something that stood out from all the leafless trees and branches above and around us.

This Red Cardinal was such a sight to see as our day at the park came to an end.
He’s so bold and bright! *Great Big Smile*


Once Again, Hmong Girl Running Away From Farming.


It’s that time again when I should be starting to garden.  (○.○)  Should I. . . .yes. Will I. . .no. Then, the question is “why?

My honest answer:


I remember when I would have to farm with my mother and it was just exhausting, sweaty, and taking forever! (-_-”) Especially when a big hole had to be dug to put the lemon grasses in. It was for sure rewarding though after all the endless work. Yes. . . I have some farming skills taught from my mother believe it or not. (^○^)

Still, I will not farm. . . .yet. ^^

LOL. Now though, I am very thankful that there are very hardworking farmers out there that provide me with my very organic yummy Hmong greens though. Without their hardwork planting, growing, and bringing them to the flea market everyday, I would probably have to farm. *fist pump* <3