Happy Hmong New Year!

background-short-hair-hmonggy-HmongArtHappy Hmong New Year everyone!!!
There’s so many Hmong New Years happening left and right and I wish I could attend every single one of them sometimes!
It’s such a sight to see everyone in their new Hmong clothes, ball tossing, and seeing everyone so happy and bright!
I haven’t gone to the Minnesota New Year yet this year and I have to go soon before it ends on Sunday night!

Seeing everyone bust out in their most fabulous outfit and showcasing the trends of the year.

JUST SUPERB!! No words can describe what I feel right now. *eeeek!*
It just makes my heart flutter crazily whenever I think of it.
The BEST-EST thing I love about Hmong New Years is ball tosting!
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE ball tossing!
It’s a must do” because it’s the time to get to know GUYS!!
It’s the highlight of every Hmong New Year!!!
I think of it as a time that the BRAVEST Hmong boys and girls coming out to find and talk to new friends!
I still remember those ball tossing times like it was yesterday!
My heart would be pounding and my lips would be twitching because I’ve been smiling and laughing too much from all the excitement, etc.
Then every 10-15 minutes, a swarm of different guys would be huddling around my sisters and I waiting to ball toss.
But, that’s why it was so darn fun!!
Hahahahaha, and then I go into this brain fart phase when they ask for my number too many times and I forget what my own phone number is.
When ball tossing it doesn’t necessarily mean he/she wants to date you, it might just mean they want to start a friendship thing. You know what I mean.
Boy o boy, it’s the most exciting time of the year for all the single ladies and gentlemen!
Do you ball toss too when you’re at the Hmong New Years?
Do you get as excited as I did? LOL!
Do you enjoy it?!

Those Traveling Times

travel-girl-background-2014Traveling is a great family thing to do! It doesn’t matter if it’s near or far,
it’s always exciting to go on those long car rides or plane rides and bug the crap out of the sibling you’re sitting next to. Hahaha!
It’s just that “thing” when you’re with your family, it is almost always 110% more FUN and EXCITING!
You can sing in that crowded mini van or tell a story of what happened at school,work, etc.
Laughing at the one who is sleeping with their mouth wide enough to catch a fly when the window rows down. LOL!
It’s those little things that make the traveling trip so much more memorable that always lingers behind the back of your mind when you visit that one place again.
One of the things that I have always done whenever traveling anywhere is doing “documentaries.”
My family and friends sometimes get creeped out sometimes because I talk to the camera too much sometimes!!
Most of them go “What the heck” or “Ok, stop with your documentary.
And you know what I do, I record even more to just bug the crap out of them!
Then the next thing you know, they’re “documenting” themselves too!!!
I’m telling you, it’s contagious.
Anyways, where are you planning to travel to this winter?
Are you going with your family,someone or just yourself?
What do you do to remember those memories?
Comment below and let us hear your story! ^^

It’s Winter in Minnesota. . . Again.

The snow has hit the Twin Cities in Minnesota!!
YAY! (kind of)
There are some good and bad in the winter of Minnesota.
The good thing is that, when it snows, they gently float around and go where ever the wind may take them. But, if you were from the countryside, like where I was from, Holy Smokes, it was CRAZY!
We had snow banks blowing crazily and up to the roof of the chicken coop!
Well. . . maybe not that high but you get the point.
Winter, where I came from three years ago was 10x worse then it is in the cities.
When I was in high school, some students, including me, even got stuck at school for a night because JACK FROST decided to throw a blizzard at the last minute.
No biggie though, it was pretty exciting. All the students did their homework’s, played games, chit chat, and slept in the big gym TOGETHER!!
You dirty mind, hahaha, boys slept on one side and girls slept on the other.
It was like a big slumber party. LOL!
Every winter time though, for me, always brings back horrible memories as well.
Where there is good, there is bad I guess.
So cliche.
Lightbulb Moment: Perhaps create a piece soon from the feeling I’m getting from this weather! >.<
So, my fellow Minnesotans, PLEASE STAY WARM and STAY SAFE out there on the roads.
This winter is only beginning!

That Feeling I Can’t Quite Express

Black, Brown, Yellow, Blue, RAINBOW?!
Oh! The thought of it makes me feel crazy happy and FREE that’s why!
It’s just something I can’t explain. . . .you know?
imageimageIt doesn’t matter if your hair is black, blue, purple, or RAINBOW! 
If that makes you feel who you are, my advice is GO FOR IT!
I often find myself wanting brown or colorfulPASTEL colored hair believe it or not.
It’s just so awesome thinking about it don’t you think?!
Then, when you go out on a walk by the river, downtown, or in a meadow full of yellow prairie flowers, the soft breeze blows through your hair and your hair is flowing freely in the air.
It’s like you’re in your own korean drama!! ^o^
Except, I almost always see myself in a scene of a k-drama being the “nas-ej” with the wind making me feel so free and happy.
But yes, even thought my hair is just BROWN now, I still feel like a “nas-ej” in my own korean hmong drama. HAHA!
Do you often catch yourself looking up to the sky with the sunlight beaming upon your face and making you feel free and happy?
Which illustration one do you like? 

A Pink Leafy Mermaid

Have I mentioned enough yet that I LOVE mermaids?!
That’s right I love them.
In fact, I love the sea life. BUT, there’s always another side to it.
I am DEATHLYafraid of being surrounded by waters or driving next through lakes,etc.
I know, it doesn’t make sense, you’re right.
But hey, no matter what, I still love sea creatures.
Including the itsy teeny weeny amoebas and every little living thing in the water. ^^
Sometimes it makes me wonder why I didn’t become a MARINE BIOLOGIST!
OH, never mind. I remember!
Because I feel too vulnerable being surrounded by water and not being able to do anything if I fall in, drown, or drift off far away like in the move “Life of Pi.” 


imageWhy two photos posted?
Oh just because I couldn’t decide which color background so I said:
“Ah, what the heck, I’ll just post them both up!”
Which background is better?

♡Mermaids. . .Hmonggy Mermaids!!♡

I am EXTREMELY EXCITED I am starting this mermaid project after thinking about it so so much! *hands in the air* Can you feel the excitement in me?! *eeeek* Here are a few pieces I have started on:



Do you think mermaids exist as well? ^^