Onigiris or Eggs? How about OniEggy!

wpid-img_20150708_173857.jpg     LOL! SOooo…..after the finishing the final touches to my so called “onigiris” I showed these new creations to my 2 baby siblings and wanted to see what they thought about them!
They both picked them up, put them up to the sky and put them back into the palm of my hands.
(“-_-)  LOL!
Paysha said, “Wow! I like them! These are such cute EGGS!!
Jackson said, “OOooo….I like these people!!
I looked at them both and bursted in laughter.  I told them they weren’t eggs or people but onigiris. But you know 5 and 6 year olds, they don’t care!  HAHAHAHAHA!
She said, “Hmm…ok. BUT, I still think they’re Eggs.
That’s when I decided to name these little boogers “OniEggy”!!!
I think they match their new name pretty well and I am darn in love with them!

Let me know what you think about these OniEggy below!

Below are other creations that I made this week as well! 
Hmonggy Boy and BahBo Tea and Dumpling!


Chibi Long-Horn Miao Hmonggy Girl

Another one-of-a-kind Hmonggy girl: Long-horn Miao Hmonggy girl.
hmonggy-longhorn-instagram-2015-hmongartDid you know that the Long Horn Miao tribe, majority from Guizhou Province, China, wears these massive wooden horns wrapped with black wool and white ribbons to secure it tightly and safely onto the women’s head during special occasions such as festivals, weddings, or any ritual performances.
Of course, this little cutie does not show all the details and all the wraps of how the head wrap is wrapped to prevent it from falling but you get the idea.

A Daily Dose of Inspiration

Here are snapshots of Mothernature’s creations from my walk yesterday at the Battlecreek Park in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  These beautiful foliage, flowers, and landscape truly captured my heart.  You will not find any other place as peaceful and beautiful as this park anywhere in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  It’s location is in the city of Saint Paul but the walk through and into it’s forest with the guidance of the trials shows an abundance of mystical and green life.
Some of the photos of the landscapes are SUPER dark because I used my phone, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, to try and capture the photo because I did not want to carry a big bulky camera with me while enjoying the walk and fresh air.
I have not added any filters these photos.  Uploaded these photos straight from my phone! (^_^)
Feel free to use these photos for your inspiration board if it sparks anything!
wpid-20150527_174307.jpg wpid-20150527_174407.jpg wpid-20150527_174747.jpg wpid-20150527_174758.jpg wpid-20150527_174834.jpg wpid-20150527_174913.jpg wpid-20150527_174922.jpg wpid-20150527_175322.jpg wpid-20150527_175353.jpg wpid-20150527_175434.jpg wpid-20150527_175501.jpg wpid-20150527_175607.jpg wpid-20150527_175625.jpg wpid-20150527_175746.jpg wpid-20150527_180941.jpg wpid-20150527_180947.jpg wpid-20150527_180113.jpg wpid-20150527_181034.jpg

Plump and Cute Hmonggy Girl

I wanted to re-create this little Hmonggy girl into a “digital” version so I can do more with her.  The piece on the left was created with micropens and Copic markers.  The piece on the right was made with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
She lost some of the extra lines and bits of details along the way but at least she’s a bit more cleaner now. Yay! Anyways, I still like her a lot and plan to use them both accordingly.
Such a plump and cute Hmonggy girl, who could resist not to remake her?!
Hmm. . . . which one to remake next?

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!

icecream-land-instagram      I have younger siblings that LOVE ice cream! A LOT! Even I, myself, love ice cream as well.  It’s just one of those home treats that can calm and cool the soul at any time you know? Kekeke. . .
      Oddly, these past few MONTHS I haven’t been craving any ice cream.  It’s as if as I am getting older, I’m starting to lose my taste and appetite. . . even though I’m still so chubby wubbyLOL!
Anyways. . . . back to the whole calming to the soul or yourself thing.  I have been finding these past few days that whenever I am in “stress mode” or very very agitated for some unknown reasons, working on my illustrations and arts and crafts is what brings me back on track to what I am supposed to do. I am able to breathe and pull myself back together from everything that seems to be just “pushing” me away from what I am supposed to do. *blink blink*  Does that make sense? *laughing to myself* 
Drawing and digitizing my illustrations not only brings me back to myself but it allows me to release my inner emotions that I may not be able to express so much in reality.  I’m sure if you look at some of my works, you can definitely tell that they’re so different at some times.  And I totally AGREE! Some of my drawing, illustrations, or even crafts are just plain BLAH! urgh. . . . *smiles*  But, most of the time I am able to hold it out in front of me and say to myself“Hey Venla, you know what. You have to get rid of that nasty whatever feeling you’re feeling and toss it out the window so you don’t feel so crappy.”
      This is how my illustrations help me during frustrating or “negative” times.  The MIXED emotions I get inside of me on those days is what SPARKS those creative creations you see sometimes. And of course, MAJORITY of the time, I am able to look back at my portfolio and say, “WOW! I’ve come a long LONG ways. From limpy stick figures to plump cute kawaii figures. OH EM GEEEEE!*chuckling*
Sometimes, those icky days may just bring out the best inside of us.
What do you do during lemon times?

Watercolor Practice With a Chu Chu

Have you played any of “The Legend of Zelda” games? Any! Then you should know and have seen these one of kind Chu Chu Jellies right?! YES! Of course, for this little guy, I was sketching one of these critters for my younger brother so I decided to practice more watercolor painting. The lighting of the picture is pretty bad and dull from my phone camera so have fun looking at it. ^^
Happy chu chu jelly!